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What they are

Cetyl Myristoleate


100 mg CMO)

  • Cetyl Myristoleate is a unique fatty acid ester that is incorporated into the lipid layers of the cell membrane.
  • Cetyl Myristoleate is often referred to as nature's WD-40 for joints because of its lubricating qualities.
  • Two U.S. patents: 5,569,676 (1996) and 4,049,824 (1977)
  • Glucosamine

    300 mg

  • An amino sugar which is an important precursor for glycosylated proteins and lipids needed for joint health.
  • Also a precursor for glycosaminoglycans, a major component of joint cartilage.
  • Sulfate is the preferred form of glucosamine as it provides the sulfate molecule, a key building block for joint health.
  • MSM
    (Methylsulfonyl Methane)

    250 mg

  • Found in small amounts in many foods
  • Coated for greater taste acceptance of product
  • An excellent source of bio-available sulfur for both animals and humans.
  • Bromelain

    18 mg

  • Comes from the stem and part of the pineapple fruit
  • Curcumin

    6.3 mg

  • Also known as Turmeric
  • A natural inhibitor of Cox-2 enzyme
  • Vitamin C

    150 mg

  • An essential nutrient for animals and humans
  • Manganese Citrate

    10 mg

  • A mineral with a role in joint health
  • Lipase

    33 mg

  • An enzyme with a role in digestion of fats
  • Lecithin

    100 mg

  • Phosphatidyl choline
  • Plays a role in absorption of CMO
  • Packaging: Myristin® Hip and Joint Formula is packaged in two convenient sizes, 120's and 240's.

    The 120 count bottle is the size preferred for small dogs, cats and other small animals for a loading dose.

    The 240 count bottle is the size that dog breeders, customers with multiple dogs, customers with large dogs and customers with dogs on maintenance amounts will want.

    Quantity discounts are provided for purchase of more than one bottle of either size.

    Safety: There are no side effects associated with this neutraceutical and it is safe for dogs as well as cats.

    Palatability: Myristin® Hip and Joint Formula tablets are chewable and highly palatable, with all-natural flavor of natural bacon. The tasty tablets can even be used as treats as dogs will eat them readily. Some competitors' joint formulas are not able to use MSM in their products because dogs do not like the taste of MSM. EHP Products has incurred the extra expense of purchasing coated MSM, which masks the taste of MSM. High amounts of natural flavorings to mask the MSM taste are not necessary with a coated MSM, so Myristin Hip and Joint Formula can be a complete joint formula which is very cost-effective and easy to administer.

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