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arrows Product: Grape seed extract

Use of Grape Seed Extract as a Dietary Supplement

Grape seed extract belongs to a beneficial group of plant flavonoids known as proanthocyanidins, or PCO's for short (these compounds are also known as oligomeric proanthocyanidins, or OPC's). These flavonoids provide many health-promoting benefits. PCO's exist in many plants and red wine. Commercially available sources of PCO's include extracts from grape seeds and the bark of the maritime pine.

What Is The Most Popular Source of PCO's, and Why?

Although PCO’s from both the grape seed and pine bark extract sources can be used interchangeably, for several valid reasons PCO's extracted from grape seeds have emerged as the preferred source. First of all, the overwhelming majority of the published clinical and experimental studies over the past twenty years have been performed on the grape seed extract source of PCO's, not the extract of pine bark. Secondly, it is far more economical to extract PCO's from grape seeds than from pine bark. As a result, grape seed extract provides greater value at a lower price.

Is One Source Of PCO's Actually Better Than The Other?

In Europe, grape seed extract is the most popular source of PCO's, while in America pine bark extract is the most popular. This is most likely because Americans have not learned that grape seed extract contains 92 to 95% PCO's, while the pine bark extracts contain from 80 to 85%. PCO's from both grape seeds and pine bark have been marketed in France for decades. Sales for the grape seed extract in France are roughly 400 times greater than those for pine bark extract. Due to aggressive advertising and some misinformation, pine bark extract outsells grape seed extract in America.

Why Should I Buy Grape Seed Extract From EHP Products?

EHP's grape seed extract is actually Activin®, regarded by many as the most dependable source of grape seed extract in the industry. Activin is a premium quality all-natural extract of Vitis Vinifera grape seeds, providing a rich source of biologically active flavonoids including oligomeric proanthocyanidins. Our capsules contain 50 mg of grape seed extract and 50 mg of ground grape skins. Order Grape Seed Extract online now on the order form.











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