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arrows Use for Animals: Horses

Members of the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association have been using Myristin® since 1996 for dogs, cats, horses, and other animals. EHP Products offers a concentrated CMO powder for horses.

Ordering Myristin® for Your Horse

Horses require three kilograms of our Myristin® 20% Cetyl Myristoleate (CMO) powder for a three month usage program. The daily amount of CMO powder is mixed in with any kind of sweet feed, oats, etc. in one or two daily feedings.

Many customers ask how our approach to providing CMO to horses compares to other products. There are many joint formulations on the market for horses, some of which contain an amount of CMO. These other products contain more of the other joint nutrients, such as glucosamine, MSM, and vitamins, than they do of CMO. EHP’s product for horses contains a lot of CMO and none of the other products. If CMO is what you are interested in giving your horse, then Myristin® 20% CMO powder is the right product for you.

As noted, Myristin® CMO powder on corn starch is a lot of CMO with no other products. Our customers often ask how other CMO joint products compare, mainly for price comparison. We encounter the same problem in comparing animal products as with human products--that is, labels and marketing information of competitors do not reveal how much molecular CMO is truly in their products. For example, one competitor has a daily recommended amount of 140 grams of product, which most likely contains between 675 mg to 1,350 mg of molecular CMO, but neither the product label nor website information reveals the actual amount of molecular CMO in the product.

EHP's recommended daily amount of Myristin® CMO powder provides 7,440 mg of molecular CMO. The daily recommended amount of EHP's Myristin® CMO softgels for humans provides 780 mg of molecular CMO, and, based on weight, a horse should receive eight to ten times the amount of a human. The cost of the competitive product is $5.46 per day, compared to Myristin® CMO powder's daily cost of $4.44, with 5 to 10 times the amount of CMO as the competitive products.

To order Myristin® Powder for your horse, click here.

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