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arrows Product: Milk Thistle Extract

Milk thistle extract is taken from the seeds of the dried flower of the milk thistle plant. Its principal uses as a dietary supplement were first noticed in Germany several decades ago. Since then, milk thistle extract has been used extensively in Europe in hospitals. In fact, some hospitals in Germany keep milk thistle extract on hand as an emergency treatment. Silymarin is the flavonoid complex from milk thistle (its botanical name is silybum marianum). A wealth of laboratory and clinical research on this herb reveals exciting data about milk thistle extract, but we cannot quote any of it, since to do so would be to make health or disease claims.

Why Should I Supplement My Diet With Milk Thistle Extract?

Myristin® may be more readily absorbed if taken in conjunction with milk thistle extract. Two capsules of milk thistle three times daily with meals for ten days are recommended before starting on Myristin®. Many healthcare practitioners also think that concurrent use of milk thistle extract with Myristin® is helpful. For concurrent use with Myristin®, one milk thistle extract capsule with with each Myristin® softgel is recommended.

Why Should I Buy EHP's Milk Thistle Extract?

As with many dietary supplements, there are considerable variations in quality of milk thistle extract products on the internet and in stores. EHP's reputation as offering the gold standard in Myristin® carries over into the other supplements we offer. Our milk thistle product contains 140 mg of fresh, potent, standardized milk thistle extract. There are 112 mg of silymarin complex within the 140 mg of milk thistle extract. Order Milk Thistle Extract online now on the order form.


















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