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Use of Myristin® as a Dietary Supplement

Myristin® softgels from EHP are made from cetylated fatty acids oil containing a 40% concentration of CMO.  This 40% strength is the highest strength of any CMO product in the world.  As a dietary supplement, Myristin® is used in most cases for a little over two months (68 days). The large amount of CMO per softgel (260 mg) allows consumers to take fewer capsules daily and to consume the recommended amount of product in a shorter time. After the initial period of two months, many people use one Myristin® softgel daily or every other day as a maintenance regimen. 

Three Myristin® softgels are taken daily with water on an empty stomach, about 30-45 minutes before meals, or just before meals if that fits your daily schedule better. However, it is fine to take Myristin® after meals if you wish. Three Myrist-Aid capsules are taken with each Myristin® softgel at lunch and dinner, and two at breakfast for a total of eight Myrist-Aid daily.

If taking the lunch time Myristin/Myrist-Aid capsules is inconvenient, these can be taken before bedtime instead.

Four bottles of Myristin® and four bottles of Myrist-Aid are required for two months of use. EHP offers special prices for customers who order all eight bottles of Myristin/Myrist-Aid (the Myristin/Myrist-Aid Combination on the order form) in one order via the internet.

Special Information for Customers with Sensitive Stomachs.  For customers who have trouble tolerating oil products such as fish oil or salmon oil, EHP offers a Myristin® capsule which contains 110 mg CMO per capsule.  On a corn starch base, this powder version of Myristin® is better tolerated by customers with sensitive stomachs.  The number of grams of CMO per bottle is the same as the Myristin® softgels have per bottle and the price is the same.  If you want the Myristin® powder capsules instead of the softgels, note that in the COMMENTS box on the order form, and your order will be filled accordingly.

Labeling Myristin®

Myristin® is labeled in accordance with FDA labeling regulations. We list on the label the exact amounts of cetylated fatty acids (650 mg) and cetyl myristoleate (260 mg.) in the serving size of one softgel. If the label of a competitive CMO product does not comply with FDA label regulations, it is difficult if not impossible for the consumer to know the CMO content. For example, the CMO product of one of the nation's largest dietary supplement companies lists "Cetyl Myristoleate Proprietary Blend, 1100 mg" (this amount is in two capsules). This label makes it appear as if the amount of CMO per capsule is 550 mg., while the actual amount of CMO per capsule is approximately 100 mg.

Certificates of Analysis

Consumers must be cautious in order not to be mislead by exaggerated or confusing claims of the amount of CMO per capsule or softgel. The 650 mg of CMO oil in each Myristin® softgel, yielding 260mg of CMO is the most in the world. Some websites or product labels that claim large quantities of cetyl myristoleate, such as actual websites which claim 380 mg or 500 mg, are misleading, since the cited quantity is the amount of mixed cetyl esters, not actual cetyl myristoleate.

EHP displays the certificate of  analysis from our softgel manufacturer to assure the consumer of the integrity of Myristin® softgels.  Robinson Pharma is a cGMP manufacturer, which means that the company adheres to the high manufacturing standards practices required by the U. S. Food and Drug Administration.

Being Cautious

If the label or website does not state the exact amount of cetyl myristoleate and the other significant cetyl esters, such as cetyl myristate, cetyl oleate, and so forth; or, if you call the distributors and they cannot or will not tell you the per cent of cetyl myristoleate in the mixture of cetyl esters; or, if there is not even a phone number where you can ask someone, BEWARE, for you may not be getting the CMO bargain you think you are getting. You can always count on EHP for quality and integrity when it comes to buying CMO.

Order Myristin® now on our secure online order form.

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